Monday, 24 June 2013

RSPB Visit

2 volunteers from the RSPB walked round the farm early one morning last week. During their final walk this year they saw the following birds; curlews, redshank, oyster catchers, lapwings, a great spotted woodpecker, pied wagtails, skylarks, buzzards, goldfinch, chiff chaff, swallows, house martins, chaffinches, along with many pheasants, and partridges. There are also many grey hares.

Monday, 3 June 2013

In Full Flight

This lapwing was busy protecting it's young whilst I drove past.
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On Duty

This very smart lapwing is keeping guard of it's young. Many lapwings can be seen in the fields round Broadgate Farm.
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A second survey of the land at Broadgate Farm was completed today by RSPB volenteers. During their walk this morning their sightings included the following; All five waders (curlews, oyster catchers, snipe, lapwing and redshank), many lapwing and curlew chicks were seen. There were also buzzards, long tailed tits, goldfinch, bullfinch, swallows, house martins, jackdaws, great spotted wood pecker, pied wagtail, chiff chaff. There are many brown hares and a deer was seen grazing in a meadow along with the pheasants and partridge. They are looking forward to our next visit in another few weeks to complete this years survey.